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How to Draw a Rose using Brush Pens? - A Step by Step Tutorial for Beginners

Watch how to draw a rose by using only Mozart's Single Brush Pens and water! We explain how to bring your work alive, step-by-step procedures. Make sure to also use watercolor paper.

Learning to draw roses is a fantastic yet simple art project to try out to improve your skills. We've also made a step-by-step video to help you along your way! See below for more info.
  • MozArt Brush Pen - Comes in a pack of 12 and 20 colors.  Our pens have a very flexible tip which allows for very delicate lines.  Our ink can be blended with water which will help you make your lush petals!
  • Watercolor Paper - The paper surface you use is very important.  You will struggle to blend ink on printing paper for example.  Watercolor paper is designed to enable smooth blending with water.
  • Water Brush Pen -  Our water brush pens are a very convenient for easy blending.

Using MozArt single and water brush pens will show you how to create beautifully easy watercolor roses.

Step 1: To start off use your single brush pen to create a small round shape this will be the center of the rose.
Step 2: Draw a couple of slightly larger presents that follow the curve of the central petal we’ll be working our way from the inner area of the rose outwards.
Step 3: Now with your water brush pen gently drag out the color to give the petals more shape the brush should be done but not too wet.
Step 4:  To give our Rose a realistic feel, we want it to have a concentrated center and then fade out to a lighter shade on the outer petals.
Step 5: The general technique for freedom roses is to draw and then spread the color, so continue to build up the petals using this technique drawing them incrementally bigger, spreading out the ink with your water brush pen to achieve larger petals with a natural ombre effect.
Step 6: Follow the curve of the previous petals as you add more and keep them as equally distributed as you can, leaving a small amount of white space in between each petal.
Step 7: After the third tier of petals that's your first row is done and it's time to move on to the next one simply repeat the same steps as before.
Step 8: Adapt euros by going back over a few of the petals and adding another layer of ink to create a darker shade and if there are any petals which you find too dark you can lighten them by applying a little more water overall that it's best to keep the water to a minimum to prevent it in from running together.
Step 9: Repeat the same steps to create a whole bouquet of beautiful roses, as a finishing touch add some leaves where there are spaces in between your roses or wherever you think it will look good.
Step 10: Use the tip of the brush to create the sharp points of the leaves and gently flick the brush as you finish the leaf to create a darker tip.
Now your Beautiful rose bouquet is complete.