Essential Crochet Set

The perfect product to start your journey of crocheting! The MozArt Crochet Set contains all the main crochet equipment you will need to get started, all contained inside a beautiful organizer bag! 
  • 9 ergonomic crochet hooks - Lightweight, silicone comfort grips will help reduce hand fatigue and irritation. Sizes range from 2.0 - 6.0 mm (B-J - conversion chart included)
  • Organizer bag - Lightweight and durable case with 5 compartments make it convenient, portable and travel-ready. 
  • Cute and fun design - The artwork tells a story of a girl designing and making a giant crocheted Amigurumi toy.  The themed design makes it the perfect memorable gift for loved ones
  • Accessories - 2 large aluminum safety pins, measuring tape, 10 stitch markers, row counter, compact scissors, 6 yarn needles (2 sizes), ruler with measuring gauge and crochet hook conversion chart

The set is perfect for:
⦁ Beginners who want to get into crochet
⦁ Experienced users who would like a set containing all essentials and the unique case
⦁ A Birthday or Christmas present for loved ones
⦁ A gift which will be memorable and treasured

Type: Crafting

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