Perennial Permanent Paint Marker Set (12 Colors)

Our Perennial Paint Marker Set offers you fade-resistant, quick-drying ink in 12 vibrant colors. Suitable for both bold and intricate work, all at an affordable price!

Key features:

Professional quality. Made with high-grade pigments they are lightfast and waterproof. Ideal for achieving a spectrum of hues for both bold and intricate work.

Multitude of uses. It’s easy to layer, blend and mix Perennial markers with other media. Making them perfect for large-scale design pieces, murals, graffiti, and mixed media art projects as well as everyday home and office use on a smaller scale.

Ideal gift for all craft lovers. Perennial paint markers make the perfect gift set for budding artists, designers, hobbyists, and students.

Category: new releases

Type: Drawing

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