Water Brush Pen Set (6 Brushes)

The essential tool to blend watercolor paints, water-soluble pencils and watercolor ink with 6 different sized tips!

The MozArt Water Brush Pen Set is a perfect to use with:
  • Water color paint sets 
  • Water soluble pencils 
  • Watercolor ink 
  • MozArt Brush Pen sets 

The Water Brush Pens are:
  • Lightweight, portable and easy to clean so they can be used anywhere without the clutter and mess of carrying a paint brush and a glass of water 
  • Allow for precise and broad strokes, ideal for blending, shadowing and highlighting 
  • The liquid flow from the barrel can be controlled with precision by gently squeezing the body
  • 6 different sized flexible brush tips allow artists to implement a variety of techniques and achieve countless different effects

Category: Painting

Type: Drawing

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